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All Weather Roofing Compound

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All Weather Roofing Compound

A high build roof coating that really does perform. Based on Bitumen with synthetic durability.

Available in black and aluminium.

Rate of use guide: approx 2m per litre

Fast Drying Weather Resistant Coating For Roofs

BCR All Weather is a solvent based fibre reinforced black bitumen solution which resists rain wash off almost immediately after application. BCR All Weather may be applied to damp (not wet) or dry surfaces.

Areas of Use

For use as a roof waterproofer when inclement weather is expected, BCR All Weather is brush applied to damp or dry surfaces for the treatment of asphalt, concrete, fibre reinforced cement, metal, roofing felt or similar roofing materials whether flat or sloping.


  • Jointless - Forms a continuous, durable waterproof coating.
  • All weather application - Solvent based, resists rain “wash off” almost immediately after application.
  • May be applied to damp or dry surface.
  • Brush application - Quick and easy to apply by brush direct from the can.



Never coat rooflights, windows or translucent sheets these may constitute a hidden hazard if disguised.


Surfaces on to which BCR All Weather is to be applied must be clean and free from any dirt, dust or any other material which may effect adhesion. Moss or lichen be present this should be removed and the surface treated with Fungicide in accordance with its application instructions. Make any structural repairs necessary, refix loose sheets replacing any that are badly damaged. Blisters in asphalt or roofing felt should be cut and re-sealed. Chippings other than those which form the surface of mineralised felt should be removed.

Porous surfaces such as concrete or fibre reinforced cement should be primed using BCR Roof Primer and allowed to dry before proceeding. Splits or cracks in the roof surface should be repaired using BCR Bitumen Mastic or Sureflash self adhesive flashing tape as appropriate, particular attention being paid to bolt holes in roof sheets.

Triangular fillets should be employed at all internal angles and the l treatment carried up adjoining vertical surfaces by a minimum of 150 mm or beneath existing flashing which should be removed or bent upwards prior to application and replaced once the coating has dried


BCR All Weather should be applied by brush or broom,. Two or more coats should be used to provide a durable finish, second and subsequent coats being applied once previous coats have fully dried and brushed at right angles to the previous coat. For slate roofs or where the roof is in poor condition or where longer lasting protection is required the BCR Reinforcing Fabric should be used.

BCR Reinforced Membrane System:

Surface preparations should be carried out as above and the first coat of BCR All Weather applied. Whilst the BCR All Weather is still wet, bed in the BCR Reinforcing Fabric brushing in well to ensure good adhesion.

Adjacent areas of membrane should overlap by 75 mm. After the membrane has been bedded, a further coat of BCR All Weather should be immediately applied and allowed to dry. When previous coats have dried, a final application of BCR All Weather Aliminium should be applied.

Note: BCR All Weather black finish is also compatible with a wide range of solar reflective finishes once dry


BCR All Weather should be applied at 1-1.5m²/L per coat


Flash Point:

40o C Test method BS 2000 : Part 170: 1982

Specific Gravity: 1.00

Solvent Type: White Spirit

Application temperature limits: 5oC-50oC

Fire resistance:

Wet : Flammable

Dry : Will Burn

Chemical and Water resistance:

Resistant to most salt solutions, some dilute acids and alkalis.


BCR All Weather contains a flammable solvent, all normal precautions against fire must be taken in both storage and use. Store in cool, dry conditions. Keep away from sources of ignition.

Health and Safety

As with all chemical products, care should be taken during storage to avoid contact with foodstuffs, skin, eyes and mouth. If accidentally ingested seek prompt medical attention.

Use in well ventilated areas, avoid inhalation . Do not smoke or allow naked lights.

Full Health & Safety Data Sheet is available upon request.

All Weather Roofing Compound

Pack Size


Pack SizeColour
5 KgBlack
@ 19.40
5 KgAluminium
@ 32.20
15 KgBlack
@ 50.60
15 KgAluminium
@ 60.40