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Bitumen Primer

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Bitumen Primer

Rapid drying bitumen primer to improve adhesion of flashing strips and Premseal 100 to porous and difficult surfaces.

Rate of use guide: 5-9m per litre

A cold applied bituminous solution designed to penetrate and seal porous surfaces prior to the application of covering materials. Conforms with BS 8217:1994.

Colour: Black


Specific Gravity: 0.89 ± 0.02.

Flash Point: Above 32°C.

Drying Time: Normally touch dry after 30 minutes, completely dry after 11/2 hours.

Method of Application

By brush or spray


Multiprime seals porous substrates and encourages the adhesion of bituminous waterproofing systems and sheet coverings. It may be applied Successfully to a wide range of surfaces:

  • Metals - mild steel, zinc, lead
  • Concrete, Asbestos cement,
  • Slate, Lightweight concrete screeds

The application of Multiprime varies according to the porosity Of the surface:

  • Metal surfaces: 6 - 12m2 per litre
  • Concrete: 6 - 8m2 per litre
  • Lightweight concrete screeds and asbestos cement: 3.5 - 5m2 per litre.

Shelf Life

Indefinite in undamaged, tightly sealed containers.


Surfaces should be clean, and free from all oil, grease, dirt, dust and loose debris. On metal surfaces all loose rust should be removed using a wire bristled brush and where advanced signs of corrosion are evident these areas should initially be treated with a rust inhibitor such as red lead. Surfaces should preferably be dry although Multiprime will adhere to damp but not wet surfaces. Multiprime should be applied evenly across the surface in one generous coating. Multiprime is resistant to rainfall within 20-30 minutes of its application. Note: ln order to comply with BS 8217:1994 it is essential that after priming concrete or screeded surfaces the coating is completely free of all solvent and therefore a safe drying margin of 2 hours should be allowed.

Tools may be cleaned with paraffin or white spirit. Spillages should be wiped off surfaces before the compound has set.

Bitumen Primer

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