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PMP Powdered Mortar Plasticiser

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PMP Powdered Mortar Plasticiser

The original pre-measured powdered mortar plasticiser used at the rate of 1 sachet per bag of cement.

250 Sachet bucket

  • Reduces storage space
  • Controlled dosage
  • Easier Spread
  • Improved Productivity
  • Better Bond
  • Improved frost resistance(in both wet and hard state)
  • Reduced shrinkage
  • Help in reduction of efflorescence
  • Reductions in wastage
  • Reduced bleed water

PMP is a pre-measured powder mortar plasticiser complying to BS4887 part 1 designed to replace or complement the use of lime in sand : cement bricklaying and render mixes.

Areas of Use

As an admixture in bricklaying and rendering mortars where improved workability and durability is required.

Can be used in both cement, sand and cement, lime, sand mortars (BS5628 refers) Mixes protected down to 2C.

Application of PMP Mortar Plasticiser

PMP is normally added directly into the mixing drum or onto the pile in the case of hand mixing. The use of the pre-measured sachets provides controlled dosage and minimises wastage and overdosing.

Mixing should be undertaken in the normal manner ensuring an efficient mixing action. If hand mixing is to be used the mix should be "turned over" to achieve best plasticising effect.

N.B.: The use of PMP will result in a significant reduction in water demand compared to unplasticised mixes.

Mix design should be chosen in line with BS5628 Code of practice for masonry part 3, Building Research Establishment Digest 362 or Relevant national standards.

Cement: Lime : Sand mixes which also include Air Entraining Mortar Plasticisers have been found to be particularly durable in accelerated test work.


PMP is added at a rate of 1 sachet per bag of cement. This dosage may be adjusted for some sand gradings. Trial mixes are suggested to establish the optimum dosage. Whilst it is undesirable to exceed the recommended dosage, the PMP formulation has air limiting elements which control the entrained air minimising the effects of over dosing.


Store in cool dry conditions.

Health and Safety

As a general code of practice treat all chemical products with care and keep away from children and animals. PMP should be handed in such a way as to minimise excessive dusting. Protect skin and eyes from direct contact. Full Material Safety Data Sheets are available on request.

PMP Powdered Mortar Plasticiser

Price: 22.05 (Excluding VAT at 20%)