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Silicone Water Repellent

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Silicone Water Repellent

Clear, liquid coating which penetrates surface of brick, stone and cement renderings to form durable water- proof barrier. Avoid contact with glass.

Rate of use guide:3-6m per litre per coat

Water Repellent for External Brickwork Rendering, Concrete and Natural Stone

Silicone Waterproofer is an external surface applied water resistant compound for brickwork and certain types of natural and artificial stonework. Silicone Waterproofer penetrates deeply beneath the surface to deposit a silicone barrier in the capillary channels, substantially reducing rain penetration and helping to keep the surface clean.

Areas of Use

To substantially reduce the water permeability of external brickwork, weathered asbestos sheeting and certain types of artificial stonework.


  • Deeply penetrating, water repellent.
  • Colourless, long lasting.
  • Protects surface from discoloration due to pollution.
  • Helps to reduce efflorescence.
  • Economical and easy to use.



The surface to be treated should be dry and free from loose matter. Defective joints in brick and stonework should be repointed. It is not necessary to treat hair cracks, but large cracks should be made good and allowed to dry before treatment.

Efflorescence should, as far as possible, be remo ved by brushing the surface of the repointed areas.


Stir before use. Apply by brush or low pressure spray in one coat., in conditions of adequate ventilation. The Silicone Waterproofer is flooded on to the surface so that a run down of approximately 300 mm is obtained.

Silicone Water Repellent

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