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Surespeed Plus

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Surespeed Plus

A chloride free version of Surespeed for use where metal reinforcements or wall ties are likely to be used.

Pack Size 20 x 1Kg

Rate of use guide:

0.5 - 1 Kg per 25 kg of cement.

Surespeed Plus is a Powder cement admixture to promote accelerated strength gain in mortar combined with the proved benefits on air entrainment allowing work to continue in lower temperatures. Surespeed Plus being chloride free is suitable for use in most types of mortar and non-structural concrete where the use of calcium chloride, as the accele rator medium is either prohibited or undesirable.

Areas of Use

  • As a frostproofer to mortar or nonstructuralconcrete.
  • When ambient temperatures are likely to drop below freezing soon after application.
  • Where work has to continue to sub-zero temperatures.
  • As an accelerator in floor screeds to reduce waiting times
  • Can be used in conjunction with PMP Mortar Plasticiser when high levels of plasticity are required together with mix acceleration.


  • Combined benefits of Air Entrainment and Acceleration.
  • Chloride Free
  • Increased frost resistance during set.
  • Improves resistance to freeze/thaw cycles in the hardened mortar.
  • Economical in use.
  • Improved productivity


Surespeed Plus is introduced into the dry mix at a rate of one 1 kilo per 50 kilo of cement. Allow to mix thoroughly before introduction of the gauging water.

The examples given below are typical of the requirements and dosage rates applicable.

All sands and aggregates to be used should comply with relevant national standards.

Care should be taken to ensure that mixes are placed or laid as soon as possible after mixing at sub-zero temperatures. This time must not exceed 20 minutes.

Ensure all aggregates are free from frost and cover work on completion to protect from freezing winds.

Suggested Mixes Designs

In sub zero conditions concrete should not be gauged weaker than 1:2:4

For bricklaying and rendering mortars at temperatures down to -2c a 1: 6 cement sand mix should be used, with Surespeed CFL added at a rate of 1.25 litre per 25 kg of cement

For temperatures below -2c a rigid mix should be used 1:4 cement sand being suggested.

In all cases maximum benefit of Surespeed Plus is achieved when the water reducing properties of the product are utilised to the full.

In mortar mixes where high levels of plasticity are required Surespeed CFL can be complemented by PMP Powdered Mortar Plasticiser.

Health and Safety

As a general code of practice treat all chemical products with care and keep away from children and animals. Protect skin and eyes from direct contact.

Full health and safety data sheets are available upon request.

Surespeed Plus

Price: 60.90 (Excluding VAT at 20%)