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Tufcote AC15

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Tufcote AC15

Clear solvented acrylic based surface sealer. Water resistant and anti-carbonation. For the external protection of concrete, brickwork, blockwork and masonry

Surface Sealer and Curing Membrane

Tufcote AC15 is a High Grade surface sealer and curing membrane based upon acrylic resins and hydrocarbon solvent carriers. The product is available in clear or pigmented forms.

Areas of Use

Tufcote AC15 provides a durable penetrative sealer to a wide variety of surfaces including concrete, screeds, brickwork, masonry and fibrous sheet materials.

Tufcote AC15 is a non-degrading system and provides a stable substrate to receive subsequent finishes including epoxy resins, acrylic coatings and cementitious screeds etc.


  • Can be applied to green concrete
  • Non-yellowing
  • Dual Sealer and Curing Action
  • High penetration
  • Suitable to receive subsequent treatments
  • Can be used on horizontal or vertical surfaces

Tufcote AC15

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