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Tufcote WB

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Tufcote WB

All purpose water based epoxy coating system. Seals and protects concrete to provide a durable, hygienic and easily maintained surface.

Epoxy Emulsion Coating System and Bonding Agent

Tufcote WB is a general purpose, water dispersed epoxy resin coating system. It is solvent free, non-flammable, odourless and non-toxic when dry.

Clear and pigmented types are available. Tufcote WB is specifically designed for use as a low cost coating/ sealer for the protection of concrete and as a high grade epoxy bonding agent.

Areas of Use

Abrasion resistant coating for parking decks, industrial floors, terraces, shopping centres, cellars, warehouses, food processing/storage areas and all light traffic areas.

Dustproofer and surface hardener for concrete floors, even floors which have turned out "SOFT" can be effectively treated.

Waterproofer, basements, concrete floors and oil tanks can be effectively waterpro ofed with Tufcote WB . However, for this type of duty, it is recommended that three coats are applied. Typical applications are the waterprooofing of damp concrete floors to facilitate the laying of tiles.

Protection, against thawing salts of kerbs, bridge parapets, sockets or other mortar and concrete structures.

Tunnel protection coating to improve the visibility conditions and to facilitate the maintenance.

High Strength Bonding Agent, Applied to prepared substrates prior to the application of subsequent screeds or cast concrete providing a high strength bond.


  • User Friendly - Solvent free
  • Low Odour
  • Non toxic
  • Easy to apply, easily cleaned and Hygienic– provides easy to clean dust free surface
  • Excellent adhesion on dry or damp surfaces.
  • Resistant to a wide range of dilute chemicals.
  • Wide range of colours available.

Tufcote WB

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