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Compound SBR

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Compound SBR

Styrene butadiene latex admixture for cement systems. Improves durability, water resistance and strength in screeds, renders and mortars. May also be used as a water resistant bonding primer.

Rate of use guide:

6-12 m per litre as a primer.

3-7 litre per 25 kilo cement as an admixture.

This section is concerned with the use of BCR Compound SBR in patch repairs of reinforced concrete.

The information given here is suitable for small repair projects. BCR Compound SBR is also suitable for use on lager projects, but these should be considered individually by specialist concrete repair companies.


Use of BCR Compound SBR in the concrete repair system gives the following advantages:

  • Improved adhesion to background.
  • Corrosion protection of steel
  • Improved crack resistance
  • Reduced thermal stresses because the coefficient of thermal expansion is similar to that of unmodified concrete.
  • Protection of background concrete from carbonation
  • Improved durability
  • BCR Compound SBR has a long and successful track record of use in the construction industry.

Compound SBR

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